Givat Haviva newsletter March 2018

In our country, there is widespread use of politics of identities to create a policy of “divide and rule”. Every day we experience the poisonous fruits of the effort to preserve the existing situation by spreading fear and hatred of the other, by drawing the shutters and closing the hearts toward the reality, needs, desires and hopes of the “other”. We at Givat Haviva believe in equality and partnership as a basis for “life itself,” here in our common country, Israel.

Givat Haviva newsletter November 2017

Since the month of the High Holidays, our campus has been vibrant with educational activity. Hundreds of students scurry around the lawns and paths every day as the children of Sindyanna, the Arab youth village, join the many participants in our shared life education programs, together with our Arab students from the Bara’em high-tech program, and our many visitors from abroad.